Important information regarding our Store

We want to once again thank you all for staying patient with us as we navigate these new and hopefully short lived times. We are continuing to do pickup orders only and will be closed for in-store traffic for the time being.

Please review the order sheet for a list of items found in our store. NOTE that things change daily, and we do not always have exactly what is on this list. We will do our best to match the items specified.

While there is no perfect system in place here is the process we are finding to be the most successful:

1. Email us at
Please include the name of who will be calling to pick up the order from us
Please include the best phone number or numbers to reach you at as we will be calling you to process the order. We may be calling from our cell phones because our phone lines ring nonstop from 8am-6pm.

2. In the email please include your grocery list.
We know that the majority of our customers frequently shop at our store (which we love) but due to the incredible volume of orders and the multiple day wait time we ask that you order slightly heavier than usual so you do not need several orders per week. This will help you get what you need but also slow our volume down a bit.
The more specific you can be about products the better, as well as the more flexible the better, make notes like (only organic) or (prefer 2% milk but whole milk is fine too). This will help our order pickers be able to get through the order faster.

While we encourage add ons to your order we ask that you hold them until we call you to process the order and get the Credit Card information. This allows the email process to be smoother and decreases the risk of us not seeing an email sent hour later.

After you send the email you will receive an auto response saying the email was received and gives an approximate timeframe for order fulfillment. We will try to send a follow up email within 24 hours to confirm a delivery day. Please note as I said before even though our hours are 8am-6pm we receive emails all day and night long and unfortunately are not able to process and fill all of them daily. We are doing our best!

When we fill your order, we will call you to go over any questions we have or out of stock items we have, and to get your CC information. You can give us the add on items then and we will be happy to fill them for you. We will then tell you an approximate time (usually 30 minutes ) to come and pick up your order.

When you arrive , there will be someone to take your name and grab your order to place in the trunk of your car. You can also call and tell us you have arrived and what car you are in. That’s the basics of it!

For those of you unfamiliar with our store we like to say we pretty much carry everything you would get from a supermarket, we just don’t always have the wide range of brands and quantities of those products. We do our best to carry the highest quality and freshest products in town! We will also be adding product lists and photos very shortly to help navigate our store.

Thanks again and stay safe everyone!

The Ciccarelli Family

Weekly Specials

Every week we feature a selection of our products at specials prices. Come in a see what we have for specials this week!