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Our Story

Tilly & Salvy’s Bacon Street Farm was started in 1938 when Tilly and Salvy Ciccarelli purchased a small shack and moved it to their farm on Bacon Street in Natick, MA. They grew and sold asparagus, strawberries, tomatoes and corn.

In 1950, the operation had outgrown the shack, and Tilly and Salvy built their “dream store”. They continued to sell their farm-fresh produce and began to venture into the grocery business with help from their three young sons, Fran, Richy, and Bob.

Sadly, Richy died at a young age from cancer in 1964. His brothers, Bob and Fran, continued working alongside their parents for decades. They preserved the tradition of keeping a store that had grown into a pillar of the Natick community. When he was old enough, Richy’s son, Rick, joined his family in carrying on the family business.

Both Tilly and Salvy continued their passion of running the store and worked diligently until Salvy passed away in 1980 at age 80 and Tilly in 1993 at age 87. For years, the family traditions grew within the same four walls until 2000 when it was time to expand once again. The store was expanded and refurbished, adding many new features and products – but the old fashioned soul of the store remained.

Today, with Rick spearheading the business, the store is still growing and adding new, often local, products. They still offer the freshest, tastiest, best quality produce, along with groceries, meats, and baked goods. Four generations and counting later, the same warm, neighborhood feeling continues to live on. And if you’re hungry while waiting in the check-out line, help yourself to a free pretzel rod, and be part of a tradition that’s been a favorite with customers for generations.

Weekly Specials

Every week we feature a selection of our products at specials prices. Come in a see what we have for specials this week!